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The title "Mystical Rose" has been used to honor the Virgin Mary since medieval times. It beautifully encapsulates Mary's purity, beauty, and divine grace. Throughout history, this devotion has deepened the spiritual connection between Mary and the faithful, emphasizing her role in the story of salvation. The Feast of Our Lady of the Mystical Rose is on the 13th of July. This day is an opportunity to reflect on the virtues of the Virgin Mary, particularly her purity and humility. Our "Mystical Rose Plush Devotion Toy" is a huggable and educational companion for your child that embodies the rich history and significance of the title "Mystical Rose" ascribed to the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Handcrafted from the softest plush, the Rosa Mystica (Mystical Rose) plush will surely become your little one's favorite companion!

Gorgeous embroidery details show Mary with three beautiful roses and while holding a rosary.

Each doll is made lovingly by hand by people who are Consecrated to Jesus through Mary.

Due to the handmade nature of the doll, some slight variation may occur.

Plush toys are roughly 35cm tall.

Rosa Mystica (Mystical Rose) Plush Toy

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