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Our Story

Saintly Gift originally started on January 2020 when me and my wife had a strong desire to spread our Catholic faith through Gospel inspired shirts. 


With our kids growing, we started thinking of cool and fun ways to introduce our Catholic faith to them. We realized that our little ones learn by sight, from the clothes that we wear, the accessories that we use, the toys and the games that they play, and even the activities that we introduce, all have a strong impact on our children’s well-being. The early childhood years are important for their growth, and we believe that play-based learning is important to our children’s development. By using faith-based products, our kids have fun while they grow in faith. Screen-free activities and games that helps their physical, mental, social, and spiritual health. Less screen time and more family time. With this in mind, we started selling diverse range of faith-based products for our family and yours. 


Started with Catholic inspired shirts, now selling rosary bracelets, chewable rosaries, teethers, plush toys, colouring and activity books, gift wraps, stationeries, and games, and many more, all centered on our Catholic faith. Our products are supplied and made using high-quality and child-safe materials that are tested, checked, and certified. We are selling branded products from Chews Life, Shining Light Dolls, Brother Francis, Bible Man, and many more. We also offer discounts for bulk orders. 


Help us with our mission to bring more Catholic products available for families and communities here in New Zealand. 

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