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Three games in one! 

  • Catholic Trivia
  • Bible Charades
  • Who Am I (Bible Characters)


Three ways to test your knowledge of our Catholic faith, Bible stories, and characters, and your acting skills! 


Catholic Trivia - Thought-provoking and challenging questions to test your knowledge of the Church, its beliefs, and traditions. Easy, medium, and hard questions for different age groups. Adults will find it challenging too!


Bible Charades - Test your acting skills and Bible knowledge as you act out Bible stories. Look up stories you are unfamiliar with, using the references provided, to expand your Bible knowledge. 


Who Am I? - Dive deep into the lives of Bible characters with this faith-building guessing game. 


Many ways to play! Play as a family or use as a teaching tool! 


60 Cards - full color, laminated front and back

Fun-Fact-Faith: Three Catholic Games in One!

$25.00 Regular Price
$21.25Sale Price
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